Elena Rykova.Composer.

Elena Rykova

[Photo by Marina Agliullina]

Composer, performance artist, improviser.

Born in 1991, in Ufa, Russia, I studied piano, composition and conducting at music college. After graduation in 2010, I decided to continue as a composer in Moscow State Conservatory with prof. Yuri Kasparov for the next five years. In 2015 I started my master program in composition at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln with prof. Johannes Schöllhorn. And since Fall 2016 I am a PhD candidate at Harvard University, studying instrumental composition with prof. Chaya Czernowin and electroacoustic composition with prof. Hans Tutschku.

Speaking objects* animated by a curious ear and an uncertain eye;
the joy of discovery - the discovery of a joy.
The unpredictability of the creative process finds itself on the paper:
Speaking drawings, symbols and musical signs.
Once the interpreter’s eye animated by an uncertain ear becomes curious,
the journey begins:
following the map of the Unknown,
discovering the drawing twice**,
led by the light – the light of Sound.

* by objects here any sources of sound are to be considered (instruments, pine cones, construction tools etc.)

** “discovering the drawing twice” is a reference to the series of lectures by William Kentrige





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